LUNA 7.5 introduces Collection Sharing and Collection Categories.  

Collection Sharing enables public collections from outside sources to be viewed in any LUNA instance. This feature is ideal for institutions looking to grow their digital visual resource offerings quickly and easily. Read more about Sharing Collections in LUNA.

Collection Categorization helps organize the list of collections on the Viewer’s landing page into categories and sub categories, whether they are your own or coming from a different source. Read more about creating Categories in LUNA.

Collection Selection Views

The landing page in the Viewer displays all collections a user has access to in a list form. In LUNA 7.5+ there are two different list views, the Full Collection List and the Categorized Collection List.

Full Collection List

This is the default list view a user will see on the landing page of the Viewer. Collections are grouped into your own native collections at the top and shared collections (if applicable) below that. Above the list of native collections is the ALL COLLECTIONS view, allowing the user to browse all collections at once. The Full Collection list will display all collections that a user has access to.

The user also has the option at the very top to View the Collection Categories List.