For any migration task, our support department would be more than happy to help you through the process. Just contact us at and we will set up a time to take you through the process.

The migration process from Insight to LUNA is broken down into several processes:

  1. Install a new version of LUNA 7.1+

  2. Copy existing LUNA user generated content (Media Groups, etc) using the LUNA db Migrator.

  3. Migrate and/or Publish your Insight 6.x collections to LUNA 7.1+ using the LUNA Publisher's 7.1+ Migration feature.

Install a new version of LUNA 7.1+

Follow the instructions in Installing or Upgrading LUNA to Install a new version of LUNA 7.1+ 

You can download the latest installers here

DO NOT choose Upgrade or Reconfigure 



Copy existing LUNA user generated content

To migrate Media Groups, Presentations, Annotations, Credentials, User Settings and other user generated content, we have created a tool called the LUNA db migrator. This will export the data from your LUNA 6.x database and import into your new LUNA 7.1+ database.

You can download the latest installers here

Enter your LUNA 7 Serial number and the admin account you used when installing LUNA 7.1+ in the previous step.


Windows Only

This drive will be used to store the migration data and tools.

Linux / Unix Only

This location will be used to store the migration data and tools.



Select your source LUNA 6.x database type.

Enter your LUNA 6.x database location and info.

Enter your LUNA 6.x database username and password.

LUNA 7+ only supports MySQL


Enter your LUNA 7 database location and info.

Enter your LUNA 7 database username and password.

Next you will get a summary page of your choices. To move forward click Install.

Once the Install process finishes, you will be prompted to run a script that will transfer the extracted LUNA 6.x data into the LUNA 7 database.


That's it, you now can move on to migrating or publishing your legacy Insight collections to LUNA 7.



Migrate and/or Publish your Insight 6.x collections to LUNA 7.1+

First, you need to make sure that your existing 6.x Insight Studio client is pointing to the correct LUNA7 Publisher. You can do this one of two ways.

LasLoginURL =
LasScheduleURL =
LasThemeUploadURL =

The InsightStudio.dat file can be found in the installation directory of Insight Studio. This file can be edited with any text editor like notepad on Windows or textedit on the Mac.


Legacy Insight Collections

For collections that will continue being managed in the Insight suite just Publish the collections like you did in 6.x (there is no Merge and Load anymore).

Migrating Insight 6.x collections to the LUNA Library

Launch Insight Studio and select Publish Collection to LUNA.

Select Launch LUNA Publisher.

In the top right section select Migrate to LUNA Library then follow the instructions on the page.

If you choose to migrate a virtual collection, you should select this option. If you do not, ALL records for the Parent collection will be included in the migration.

This part of the process is very similar to the Save & Run Task. When it's finished continue to the next step.

If you are already logged into the LUNA Library, you will not be prompted to login and may see a blank page in your browser. You may also see the spinning icon like the page is loading. At this point, it is safe to leave this page.

If you go into the LUNA Library, you will need to logout then login again to see the collection you are migrating.


Repeat this process for each collection you are migrating.


Post Migration Tasks

Once you have migrated all collections to the LUNA Library, you may want to perform one or more of these tasks.

Move or adjust references to media/images

When a collection is migrated, the original location of the media/images is maintained and a new location for uploading content was selected during the installation of LUNA 7. So you might have two storage locations for your media/images. If both locations are the same, then everything should be fine. If you moved to a new server or are using a different location, you may need to make some adjustment in the database. Contact Luna Support for assistance.

If you would like to shutdown your Media Manager 6.x/tomcat so that you only have one instance of tomcat running, then you will need to update the reference in your database first (Only do this after all collections are migrated or you might need to do it again).

When collections are migrated the Base URL of where your media is running from is copied to the 7.x database into a table called LL_MEDIASERVERROOTURLS. Only the column URL will need to be updated using a find and replace query.

update LL_MEDIASERVERROOTURLS set URL= replace(URL,'','');

Tiny URL's that are generated when sharing links need to point to the new location

update TINYURLS set MAPPEDURL= replace(MAPPEDURL,'','');

External media uploaded using v6 My Uploads

update EXTERNALMEDIA set URLSIZE0= replace(URLSIZE0,'','');
update EXTERNALMEDIA set URLSIZE1= replace(URLSIZE1,'','');
update EXTERNALMEDIA set URLSIZE2= replace(URLSIZE2,'','');
update EXTERNALMEDIA set URLSIZE3= replace(URLSIZE3,'','');
update EXTERNALMEDIA set URLSIZE4= replace(URLSIZE4,'','');
update EXTERNALMEDIA set URLSIZE5= replace(URLSIZE5,'','');
update EXTERNALMEDIA set URLSIZE6= replace(URLSIZE6,'','');
update EXTERNALMEDIA set URLSIZE7= replace(URLSIZE7,'','');
update EXTERNALMEDIA set URLSIZE8= replace(URLSIZE8,'','');


update LL_MEDIAFILES set FILENAME= replace(FILENAME,'','');

Updating LUNA 7 Repository for BookReader objects

We are only providing instructions for Linux/Unix based systems. For Windows please contact support.

First identify collections that contain BookReader objects. If you're not sure, you can us the advanced search in the LUNA Library.

Once identified, get the collectionID. You can find this if you open a collection in the LUNA Library and look at the URL. In the following example BINDINGS~1~1 is the ID

On your server go to the directory where your collection repository is located.

<LUNA Install location>/LunaImaging/7.x/LUNA/repository/BINDINGS~1~1

grep -rl ""

If you found books with your old URL then change them with the following.

Make sure you have a backup of your repository before running this command
grep -rl "" | xargs sed -i 's/'

Repeat this for each collection that contains BookReader objects.

It is not advised to run the replace statement above on your entire repository. It may take a tremendous amount of time and should only be run on collections that contain BookReader objects.



Once this is complete, Restart LUNA 7's tomcat then rebuild your LUNA Viewer's index for each collection. This is done in the Collection Manager. This will update all the URL references to all your media.

Shutting down your Insight suite

Once you are finished with your migration, you should go through a process of review. This should involve all stake holders involved with collection management. Each collection should be reviewed and accounts tested for appropriate access.

Once tested, shut down all Collection Managers, User Manger and tomcat from the Insight suite and LUNA 6.x's version of tomcat. Then review the collections and make sure the media is showing up properly.

Password Resets

Any LUNA 6.x self registered account that uses the LUNA's suite for authentication passwords will need to be reset. These legacy accounts will not work and the owners will need to go through a password reset.


If you were using LDAP for Authentication, you will need to make any adjustments that you had in your LUNA 6.x instance the same in your LUNA 7 version.

Validating your record and media counts

After migrating your collections to LUNA you’ll want to validate the content. To help you understand the differences and similarities for media and record counts between v6x and v7.1 here are a few guidelines.

Overall, when you are comparing the counts between Inscribe and LUNA, the total number of items in the LUNA Library are expected to be higher. There are a couple of reasons why.

Counts that should match: