Using the tab for Associated Files, you can upload files associated with your media items. Each batch in the Associated Files tab corresponds to the same batch in the Media Items tab where you uploaded media items. You must upload media items first for there to be a corresponding batch in the Associated Files tab. Each media item will be represented by a folder icon into which you can drag and drop or select files to upload. The settings in the Collection Manager will determine whether the associated files get stored on the LUNA server or Google's external cloud based storage.


Drag and drop or use plus icon “+” to add associated files

Click on the file to download items

Click info icon to view associated file info, like checksum

Click trashcan icon to delete associated file(s)*

Green icon = items stored in Google Cloud Storage

Gray Icon = Items stored on LUNA local server

Bold= source


*Note on Delete: When you have delete permission it will delete the file completely from all locations and references in the database. If you want to protect the content from being deleted from Google’s cloud, permissions need to be set at the bucket level.