To build a collection, begin in the "Collection" tab of the Collection Manager. Click on the "New Collection" button and start creating the properties for that collection. You can easily edit these collection properties any time, even if a collection is already published and displaying in the LUNA Viewer.

Watch the Video:

Collection Properties:

Recommendations for LUNA Header Graphic:

    • Max height: 60px
    • Max width:  530px
    • Background should be transparent (.png file)
    • The logo or text should be centered vertically allowing a little space on the top and bottom, and with about 20px of space on the left.


Download the Photoshop PSD file Library Museum Logo.psd


Rebuild Library Index button is v7.1.2+

The Rebuild Library Index button is only recommended in certain circumstances like when an upgrade requires it or Luna's support department recommends it. If you need to rebuild the Library index, we recommend doing this during off-peak hours.