Digital content means more than working with just image files. It means playing video clips, playing audio files, and launching PDF's.  LUNA  supports all types of media and allows for seamless playback.

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Audio, Video, etc

In addition to supporting image files, LUNA also supports a broad array of file formats such as audio, video, text, PDF, QTVR, etc. These different file formats could be part of an institutional collection, or can be brought into LUNA using the My Uploads feature.


Non-image media items will not be included in a Slide Show playback, Presentation, or appear in the LUNA Workspace.

Books in LUNA

The LUNA BookReader integrates the discovery and display of compound objects such as books, manuscripts, and newspapers in LUNA . You can search inside a BookReader object, turn its pages, and zoom into the text. You can also add whole books and/or individual pages to your Active Media Group, while pages can be used in Slide Shows and Presentations.

In addition to descriptive data, BookReader objects are indexed for full text searching.

Browsing BookReader Objects

As with other media in LUNA, you can browse BookReader objects in the Thumbnail View. Below is a search result with both images and BookReader objects. The BookReader objects have a small pink book icon in the lower right corner of their thumbnail.









Viewing BookReader Objects

There are several ways to view BookReader objects in LUNA:












Adding BookReader Objects to Media Groups

You can add a BookReader object to your Active Media Group by clicking on the "+" icon in the upper right corner of the thumbnail for the BookReader object, or in the Detail View.


  • You can add individual pages from a BookReader to your Active Media group from either the Full View or the Book Thumbnail view.
  • Once a page has been added to an Active Media Group it can then be viewed in that Media Group and then added to the LUNA Workspace.