Think of LUNA as not just page after page of thumbnails, but as a dynamic space for working with digital content.

Simple Keyword searching is a common way to search for content. Advanced Search can help you find specific items within certain parameters. But what if you don't know what to search for? How can you enter a keyword if you don't have one?

Try LUNA's browse facet categories feature. Browsing facets presents all the data of a collection in 4 categories: Who, What, When, and Where. Facets are also presented so you'll immediately know what kind of content is in a collection.

Users can view individual images in the Detail View or multiple images in the LUNA Workspace. And of course there's still the ability to browse through pages of thumbnails but now you can customize your view selecting the number of thumbnails per page and their size.

You can also choose to go full screen and eliminate your browser's navigation tools. Just use the forward and back feature on virtually every page of LUNA:

On this page:

Thumbnail Browsing

Browsing media in LUNA is done by looking at pages of thumbnails, allowing you to quickly and easily page through media, with the option to narrow your search using the Refine panel located on the left side of the page.

Thumbnail Browsing Navigation

Navigate through the pages of thumbnails using the left and right arrows or by clicking on the page number.

Click on the Settings icon to:

Refine Search

Use the Who, What, When, and Where facet values to continue narrowing your search. The number of results for each value is presented alongside the term in parentheses. This Refine option is available on the Browse All page, search results page, and throughout LUNA.

Browse All Image Options

Detail View:

Media Summary:

Add to LUNA Workspace:

Add to Active Media Group:

Print Thumbnails:

Detail View

By clicking on a thumbnail once you will bring it into the Detail View. Here you will be able to use the viewing tools and see full catalog data. If you're logged in you'll be able to add annotations and export images.

General Tools

Data Panel Search

The Data Panel search feature essentially allows you to perform a quick search for a specific fielded term without having to type that value into the Keyword or Advanced Search fields.

Quick View

Viewing Tools in Detail View

BookReader Objects 



Adding to Active Media Group

Browse Who, What, When, Where  Facets

LUNA’s Browse Facets feature offers users a snap-shot of a collection. Instead of only searching for media using the simple keyword or advanced search, you can go to this Browse Facets page and see the exact values for each data field. These facets are divided into Who, What, When, and Where. From this page you can also search alphanumerically.

LUNA Workspace

The LUNA Workspace is a dynamic space for working with media. Viewing tools are built into each image which allows you to seamlessly work with multiple images at the same time. While LUNA’s Detail View also provides you with embedded viewing tools in the image, the LUNA Workspace conveniently gives you the ability to work with multiple objects at the same time.

If you have selected an image to view in the workspace you will see it displayed here. If you have not yet selected images to view in the Workspace the page will be blank.

To add media to the Workspace:

To work with media in the Workspace: