While you can still browse collections in LUNA without a registered user account, you won't be able to fully take advantage of LUNA's advanced tools. Creating a new user account is the best way to customize your viewing preferences and the only way to create  Media Groups presentations , or add  annotations. As well as the use of the My Uploads feature and External Media Search.

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Registration Overview

The best way to explore collections in the LUNA Viewer is to first create a user account from the Register link at the top of the page:


Create a user account in the LUNA Viewer:

  1. Click on the Register link at the top of the page near the Search box.

  2. Select a Username and Password to use in order to log-in to your account.

  3. Enter your First Name, Last Name and E-mail address.

  4. Select how many thumbnails per page you want displayed: 50, 100, or 250.

  5. Select the size of the thumbnails displayed: small, medium, or large.

  6. Select either "Full" or "Minimal" animations. (If you have a good graphics card and like to see features like the Advanced Search box and Active Media Panel fade in and out as opposed to popping open, select “Full Animations”. You’re not missing out on any features by selecting “Minimal Animation”, this option simply makes tabs and windows within the LUNA Viewer application pop open).

  7. Click Save.

  8. By registering a user account you've also automatically created an Active Media Group, titled "My First Media Group". You can then browse LUNA and add media to this Active Media Group, and edit the properties of this group at any time.

Edit Settings and Defaults

  To personalize and edit your User Settings, click on the Edit Settings/Defaults icon at the top of the page after log-in. 


Client Side Effects: Which option is best for me?

When you register "Minimal Animations" is selected by default and can easily be changed to "Full Animations". The “Full Animations” option requires slightly more CPU’s (central processing units) which could slow performance down a bit if, for example, you had a lot of images in the LUNA Workspace. If you feel the performance of LUNA has slowed down due to this change, simply change it back to "Minimal Animations".

Default Collections

Select from the collection list in the user settings which collections you would like to access each time you login to  LUNA .

The selected collections will be the collections immediately available to you each time you login and will be included in your subsequent searches. These collections can be from your institution, and/or collections from the  LUNA Commons .

The  LUNA   Commons  ( www.lunacommons.org ) contains additional free content from other  LUNA  collections. The media in these collections is available for you to use in your  Media Groups  and  Presentations .

Active Media Group

A Media Group allows you to save select media into a group for later use, or to share with others. As you browse LUNA  and select media to save into a  Media Group , you'll be saving this media into your  Active Media Group. To see which Media Groups is your Active Media Group, look for the Active Media Group tab at the bottom of the page while you are browsing.




Show and Hide Help Tip Boxes

In the example below the Help Tip will appear every time you perform an Advanced Search, create a Media Group, or create a presentation.