Frequently asked questions about the export feature:

How do I export data?

You will need to navigate to the Library from the Tools menu. You must also select a collection to work with (upper left side, small blue triangle). On the upper right side you will see an "Export" button. This button will open a dialog window to ask you what you want to export. To export the records select "Data". When you select Data you will then be able to choose to export the whole page, the current search (if you just made one), or the specific records of the media items you have selected (if you selected media items before you hit Export). Then you can decide if you want the export to be in .csv or .xml format. Hit Submit and it will begin to process the file so you will be able to download it.

  • If you uncheck "Include All Fields" you can then decide which fields you would like to export.

  • You also have the option of including internal fields if you feel like doing so. Simply click in the field to select internal fields to include with your export. Internal fields include:
    Record ID: the internal ID for the record.
    Media ID: the internal ID for the media item.
    Batch ID: the ID for the batch the item is assigned to.
    Media Filename: the media's filename
    Detail page URL: the URL that takes you to the Detail View for the item.
    Image URL for sizes 0-8: a direct URL to the image for each of the various sizes
    Image URL source: a direct URL to the image for the source

Make sure you choose an option for selection and format (csv or xml). Once selected, the options will turn white with black text.



If you plan to export large amounts of data, we recommend exporting in batches of up to 5,000 records at a time. See Setting a custom page size in the LUNA Library.

How do I export images?

You will need to navigate to the Library from the Tools menu. You must also select a collection to work with (upper left side, small blue triangle). On the upper right side you will see an "Export" button. This button will open a dialog window to ask you what you want to export. To export images click "Images". You will have the option of exporting all the items on the page. If you selected several images by clicking on them (red highlight box appears around media items) you will have an option to export the selection you have made.  You can then select the export size you would like up to the max your credential allows (0 is smallest, 8 is largest). The images will be packed up onto a .zip file for you once it has completed processing.

What are the images sizes I can export?

You can export the image size your credential allows you to export. In the Access Permission you get to decide what the largest size an export can be (this can be different than Viewing Resolution). Export Size can be set to just a thumbnail (size 0), all the way up to full sources size (size 8). You can always turn of export ability completely using the access permissions for a credential as well.

Dimensions for LUNA sizes 0-8:

LUNA SizesDimensions
Size 0

up to 96 pixels on long side

Size 1up to 192 pixels on long side
Size 2up to 384 pixels on long side
Size 3up to 768 pixels on long side
Size 4up to 1536 pixels on long side
Size 5up to 3072 pixels on long side
Size 6up to 6144 pixels on long side
Size 7up to 12288 pixels on long side
Size 8up to 24576 pixels on long side

Understanding Images sizes in LUNA

Size 0 to Size 4 are jpegs that are generated during the uploading process. These are fixed resolution sizes bases on the long side of the image (96, 192, 384, 768, 1536). One more image is generated, a Jpeg 2000 file (jp2). This image retains the full resolution of the original image. So when you export Size 0 - Size 4 the long size of the image will match the size you selected.

When you export anything higher than a Size 4 image the long side of the image is one of the following based on the original image dimensions.

1 original image dimensions

1/2 image dimensions

1/4 image dimensions

1/8 image dimensions

So for example you original image has a dimension of 5000 x 4000 pixels. Your maximum export would be Size 6 (up to 6144 pixels on long side) and you would download a 5000 x 4000 pixel image. If you selected Size 5 you would download a 2500 x 2000 pixel image.


If you have chosen in the Access Permission for the collection to check the boxes "Export JP2K" and/or "Export Source", you will have the option to export as JP2K or Source in the Export pop-up window. In the pull-down for Select a resolution size: you will see them listed at the end of the list.

How do I export all the images in my collection (for large collections)?

The features of Export can only export 1 page of images at a time. Depending on the size of the images, a full page may be too many items to export all into one .zip file. We recommend you try to choose small batches to export. If you need to export your entire collection please contact support and we will help you find the easiest path to do this.


What is the Export status page?

This page shows all the exports you have done in the past as well as any now processing. If you setup an export, once it is done processing it will be available to download on this page by clicking the link. If you click the Info link it will pop up a message window telling you how many items are in the download file. You have the ability to delete past exports (click the trash can in the last column for the line you want to delete).


How do I access the Export status page?

You can access the Export status page by clicking on the Export button in the Library. When the dialog box opens simply click "Export Status" at the bottom of the box.


How do I export data and re-import it back into my collection?

You can export the data as a .csv file from the Library and then re-upload the cleaned up data into the collection using the Uploader.

Start by going to the Library and selecting the collection. Next, select a group of records or all records and click the Export button. Check the box to Include All Fields and where it says “Also include the following internal fields” make sure to select Record ID. Click the Submit button to export your data.

After you have cleaned up the data within the file, you’ll be ready to upload it to the collection using the Uploader. The internal Record ID field is used to update the existing records so there is no need to delete the records. Once the data is uploaded it will replace the existing data with the new data.

In the Uploader, create a new batch and select the file to upload.

How do I set export permissions for a collection?

In the Administrator section of the Tools menu select the second tab "Access Permissions". Here you get to decide how much access you give out for each collection. Once you choose a permission to edit the very first item you can change is Max Export Resolution. Selecting "0" would only allow export of the thumbnail. Selecting "none" will not allow any export.

You can choose to check the boxes "Export JP2K" and/or "Export Source". This will allow those options to be available when you export (in addition to the regular 0-8 options).

What does it mean if I see "partially completed" on the export status page?

After performing an image export you may see a message that your export status is partially completed. Here are some possible explanations, listed below: