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Creating Records

While items in the Independent Media Items (IMI) do not rely on structured data records, items in a collection do. In order for a media item to display in the LUNA Viewer the item has to be checked for display AND must be linked to a record. You'll know an item or record is checked for display if it has a green mark in the upper right corner. This is done in the Record Editor and Media Item Editor but can also be done automatically by applying the correct settings in the LUNA Library Uploader.

Tip: When adding data to a record consider using a semicolon to separate the values. By doing so the data panel search in the LUNA Viewer detail view will work better since it will search by each value and not a string of values grouped together.

Records can be imported via the LUNA Library Uploader and they can also be created in the LUNA Library using the "New Record" button. When you select "New Record" a blank record is created with the data fields from the schema you selected when you first built the collection. After you create a new record you can link media items to it in the Media Item Linking tab from the Record Editor.

Linking and Unlinking Records

Tip: A record can be linked to multiple media items and not all these linked media items have to display in the LUNA Viewer. For example, you can have one record with 5 media items linked to it in the LUNA Library but only one of those media items would display in the LUNA Viewer with the linked record.

When media items are linked to a record you'll see the representative thumbnails next to the record. You can easily unlink, or delete, the item by clicking on the trash icon.

Unlinked records appear in the LUNA Library as blue thumbnails.

Tip: To quickly find all unlinked records in a collection use the "other criteria" menu in the advanced search.

In the Media Item Linking tab click on the "Show unlinked media items" link to quickly see only the media items that aren't linked to any records. And to further locate an item to link to a record, use the pull down menu and search by file name or custom data fields.


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