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The 64bit LUNA installer will not run on Windows Server 2016. We have not yet discovered a way to make it run so this workaround will provide a way to get LUNA Installed and / or Upgraded.

Since LUNA runs on Java and does not rely on the OS LUNA should run fine on Windows Server 2016.

The workaround is basically this:

  1. Install/Upgrade on Windows 64 bit OS where the LUNA installer does run. (Windows 7 or Windows 10 64bit)
  2. Backup the LUNA db and LUNA file system where you installed LUNA.
  3. Restore the files and db on the Window Server 2016 instance in the exact same path.

If you are upgrading LUNA

You will need to backup your LUNA db and it is suggested that you copy the LUNA files to the temp system.

You do not need to copy Media files or Repository directories. These are very large and are not required on the temp system.

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