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  • Fixed a bug in the Viewer causing errors with some Share links when they include a facet search.
  • Fixed a bug in LUNAversal Viewer to display correct image count for items in a media group.
  • Fixed a bug in the Uploader that made books fail to load if the BookIdentifier in the file had a trailing space.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in an error page in the Viewer's Detail View for private collections using Shibboleth.
  • Fixed a bug in the Library whereby the CSV export did not check for duplicate column names when building a query, resulting in incomplete data exports.
  • Fixed a bug to correct the logic in the Administrator to block duplicate username creation on registration.
  • Fixed a bug ( LUNAversal Viewer where the Detail View would not load an image.
  • Fixed a bug ( LUNA Library Login page where Chrome browser would report an SSL error.
  • Updated tomcat from 8.5.53 to 8.5.61 (