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Granting Access with Credentials and Access Permissions

The first step in granting access to a user is to create that user in the Users tab.

The second step is to assign a credential to that user. Once a credential is assigned to the user, they should have the right permissions and access levels to collections and the Independent Media Items. If they are missing access to something, chances are there's a setting that needs to be fixed in the credential or the access permissions.

About Credentials

A credential is assigned to a user. The settings in a credential determine:


You can create as many credentials as needed, and assign them to your users. You will always have an "Anonymous User" credential. This credential is automatically assigned to any user that registers an account with the LUNA Viewer. Typically this credential is for users who are mainly accessing the LUNA Viewer.


About Access Permissions

Access permissions are added to a credential. As described above the credential grants permission to certain LUNA tools and features, while an access permission pertains only to a specific collection and what a user can do with that collection.



Note: Authorities are the only feature that are not automatically assigned to an access permission. By default a collection creator will have permission to read, add, edit, delete authorities. For all other users you'll need to manually assign the permission to the access permission for the collection.


Example 1: "Anonymous User" credential.