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As explained above, you will always have an "Anonymous User". This is the default credential and is the one automatically automatically assigned to users who register an account via the LUNA Viewer. Typically this credential is used only to grant access to specific collections in the LUNA Viewer.

In this credential (based on image below) the anonymous user will be able to:


Example 2: Collection Administrator credential

In this credential the (based on image below) the user will be able to:

  • export from the LUNA Library;
  • use the My Uploads feature in the LUNA Library;
  • upload specific file formats via My Uploads;
  • create, edit and delete collections;
  • create, edit and delete templates;
  • access the LUNA Administrator;
  • access the LUNA Publisher;
  • have Admin* access to 3 collections (Archivision Module 7; Landscape Architecture in Roman Times; and Spanish Architecture) and the Independent Media Items.


*General and Admin are profiles defined in the Access Permissions section above tab.