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Say you want to create a credential for a user whose responsibility it is to create and manage collections & data templates. You can design a custom credential that allows for access to the Viewer and Collection Manager while restricting access to the Administrator. Check create, edit and delete under the Templates settings and check create and delete under the collections settings to grant the appropriate permissions in the Collection Manager. Note, the permission to allow “editing” of a collection is set in the access permission. In this same credential, you’ll also grant access to export images and use My Uploads in the Viewer. Typically, the collection(s) you assign to this credential will be associated with the “admin” access permission or a customized access permission.

Good for visual resource librarians, faculty, curators.

About Access Permissions

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LUNA comes with a set of 5 default access permissions which you can choose from or you can create your own by clicking "Add Access Permission.” You may create as many as you like this way. You may edit the default 5 if you like as well.

Access permissions are added to a credential. The credential grants permission to certain LUNA tools and features, while an access permission pertains only to a specific collection and what a user can do with that collection. For each collection you have added, you can create 1 or more access permissions that you can assign in the Credentials tab to the different credentials to set they kind of access they have to the collection.

Without an access permission a user cannot gain access to a collection in order to create, edit, or view it.