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To build a collection, begin in the "Collection" tab of the Collection Manager. Click on the "New Collection" button and start creating the properties for that collection. You can easily edit these collection properties any time, even if a collection is already published and displaying in the LUNA Viewer.

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Widget Connector

Collection Properties:

  • Collection Name: Give your collection a name, you may use up to 200 characters including spaces.
  • Collection Owner: The name of the user that created the collection will be displayed here once a new collection has been created. Only a Super Admin can pass ownership of a collection to a different user so that they have Item Level Restriction privileges by typing in the username and clicking the Save button. This should be followed by a Rebuild of the Viewer Index. Note, there can only be one collection owner per collection.
  • Collection Description: The description appears in the LUNA Viewer on the collection selection page.