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You could also use the Relay Button to crowd source information about images in your collection that you would like to know more about. The Relay Button could be made to say "I Have More Info". If the user knows some details about the image/photo they could click the button. This would then direct them to a page that allows them to enter information about the image into text fields. Perhaps they know who is in the image, or where it was taken or a story about the image, etc. Then you could use that information to add to the record for that image in LUNA.


Maybe you can think of another use for the Relay button we have yet to think of.


You can then decide what fields from the image record get passed to the next page by setting up as many Parameters as you like. Click on the plus button to add additional parameters/fields to be passed. You must select at least 1 parameter in order for the Relay Button to display in the Viewer.

You can even decide what text you want to appear on the button. The last field is "Custom text for Relay button:".  

Relay Button Announcement: