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  • Upon registering a user account, an Active Media Group is automatically created. This group is private, you can always change the properties of this group to make it public later.

  • You can only add media to your selected Active Media Group.

  • When you create a new Media Group you have the option of selecting it as your Active Media Group.

  • You can only have one Active Media Group selected at a time.


  • There are several ways to check which of your Media Groups is your Active Media Group: in your User Settings and by opening the Active Media Group tab in the lower left corner while browsing.


  • To quickly change the Active Media Group during your LUNA session, click on the Active Media Tab at the bottom of the page, select a different Media Group from the pull down menu and click the "Go" button. Or, go to  Edit Settings/Default  and select a new Active Media Group from the pull down menu


In the example below the Help Tip will appear every time you perform an Advanced Search, create a Media Group, or create a presentation.

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