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  • Collection owner or Super Admin can modify restrictions from the restrictions tab in the Record Editor.


How to Apply Restrictions:

Begin by selecting the items from the Library that you want to restrict and choose "Restrictions" from the more menu or just choose "Restrictions" from the more menu without first making a selection if you want to apply restrictions to a page of items or to an entire search result.


The Restrictions window will open and by default it will be named with the date and time, but you can rename it however you like. You can also add a description (optional) to the restriction you're applying.

Next, base your selection on a page of items, current search result or items selected by clicking the appropriate button.

Then, click on one of the following options: Restrict Media & Data, Restrict Media or Not Restricted.

Finally, you may also choose from the list below one or more credentials and/or users that you want to exempt from the selected restriction, by dragging and dropping the credential or username on the left into the box on the right. The list of credentials will display in bold font at the top of the list and the list of users will appear below that in alphabetical order. You can also search for credentials or users by typing in to the search box right above the list.