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This feature Introduced in LUNA v7.4.3, Item Level Restrictions are set in the LUNA Library allows for restricting items . This feature allows collection owners and Super Admins to restrict media items or media items & records in a collection and , then granting grant access to those restricted items to a smaller set of users or credentials. Restrictions are applied to items both in the Viewer and the Library (not one or the other). Super Admins and the owner of a collection have full access to all items, regardless of the restriction. A collection owner can also Only a Super Admin can pass collection ownership to another user and in doing so the previous collection owner will no longer have the collection owner status.


  • Collection owner or Super Admin can modify restrictions from the restrictions tab in the Record Editor.

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How to Apply Restrictions from the More menu:


How to Apply Restrictions to a single item from the Record Editor:

  1. Open an item in the Record Editor and then click on the Restrictions tab at the top.
  2. Click on one of the following options: Restrict Media & Data, Restrict Media or Not Restricted.


    1. When selection is made, the button will change to blue.
  1. You may also choose from the list below one or more credentials and/or users that you want to exempt from the selected restriction, by dragging and dropping the credential or username from the left into the box on the right.
    1. The list of credentials will display in bold font at the top of the list and the list of users will appear below that in alphabetical order.
    2. You can also search for credentials or users by typing in to the search box right above the list.
  2. When finished click the "Apply Changes" button.

Restrictions Actions Page:

You can access a list view of all Restrictions you've applied by clicking on the Open Restrictions Actions Page.

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The list view will look like this:

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Click on any of the Restriction names in the Info column to expose the Restriction Description, List of permitted credentials and/or users and the Restriction Type applied.

You can also click on "Modify" to get to the thumbnail view for media items that were selected for that Restriction.

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Search for Restricted items in Library:

As the collection owner or Super Admin, you can search a collection in the Library to see what items are restricted or not restricted. The choices are: Not Restricted, Media Items Restricted and Media and Records Restricted.

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After performing an Other Criteria advanced search for either media restricted or media & record restricted, an additional drop down list of users and credentials that are potentially excluded from the restrictions will be displayed on the left hand side. The list should be located on the left hand side of the results, right below batches.

When you click on a user name or credential from that list, the result will show all items that the user has access to within the restricted items.

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