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  • Uploaded and processed shows how many items in total have been uploaded and processed to the system in this batch. This count includes all media item and data files.

  • Records uploaded shows how many data records have been uploaded in this batch.

  • Media items processed shows how many media items have been processed in this batch.

  • Items left in server queue shows a tally of all items still waiting to be processed in the entire system. For example, if items were uploaded to another collection you may see a number of items left in the queue indicating that there are still some items processing. If there are still items processing it will need to finish any other batches you or someone else may have started before it gets to the batch you just queued up.

Data is not loading and I know everything is correct in the CSV file?

Some spreadsheet programs save CSV files with an invisible BOM (BYTE ORDER MARK) at the beginning of the UTF-8 text file.  

Here is a link too: What is a BOM.

Loading a CSV file with a BOM will fail in LUNA's Uploader. You will need to remove the BOM character before loading the CSV file

Removing a BOM on a Windows machine. You will need a program like Notepad++.

Here is an example in Notepad++

On a Mac you can use Text Wrangler or BBEdit

At the Bottom of the editor you will see the words "with BOM"

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To remove it, just choose (UTF-8)

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