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While creating a presentation in LUNA you can easily create a link to a slide. If you have restricted content in the slide you are sharing, then users will be notified that they might not have access to all images in the slide:

Image Removed Image Added

  1. While working on a presentation in the LUNA Workspace, select the slide you want to link to by double clicking on it. The LUNA Workspace will then load the images from that slide, and the background of the slide itself in the Presentation Panel will be black as opposed to dark grey.

  2. Click on Share This to generate a unique URL to this slide and copy and paste the URL into an email, for example.

  3. When the other person launches the URL they will see the slide in the LUNA Workspace but it will be independent of the presentation. You are not sending a link to the editing capabilities of the presentation, just to one slide as it would be viewed in the LUNA Workspace.