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Dimensions for LUNA sizes 0-8:

LUNA SizesDimensions
Size 0

up to 96 pixels on long side

Size 1up to 192 pixels on long side
Size 2up to 384 pixels on long side
Size 3up to 768 pixels on long side
Size 4up to 1536 pixels on long side
Size 5up to 3072 pixels on long side
Size 6up to 6144 pixels on long side
Size 7up to 12288 pixels on long side
Size 8up to 24576 pixels on long side

Understanding Images sizes in LUNA


How do I export data and re-import it back into my collection?

The You can export the data as a .csv and .xml files that you export can be brought back into LUNA using the Uploader from the Tools menu. In the Uploader choose the collection you want to upload the file/records for. You can then search your computer and upload the .csv or .xml file. Be sure to check Settings right next to the Tools menu. In Settings you can decide what field you want to use as a linking field so the records you are importing will automatically link with the correct media items. For more information check the Uploader documentation.

You can re-import records via a .csv file and that will update the existing records. You can not re-import an xml file to update records.


file from the Library and then re-upload the cleaned up data into the collection using the Uploader.

Start by going to the Library and selecting the collection. Next, select a group of records or all records and click the Export button. Check the box to Include All Fields and where it says “Also include the following internal fields” make sure to select Record ID. Click the Submit button to export your data.

Image Added

After you have cleaned up the data within the file, you’ll be ready to upload it to the collection using the Uploader. The internal Record ID field is used to update the existing records so there is no need to delete the records. Once the data is uploaded it will replace the existing data with the new data.

In the Uploader, create a new batch and select the file to upload.

How do I set export permissions for a collection?