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LUNA v7.1.6+


You will need to navigate to the Library from the Tools menu. You must also select a collection to work with (upper left side, small blue triangle). Find and Replace is located under the More menu. When selected it will open a dialog window to ask you what you want to find and replace.



By default record Data will be selected but you can click to select Custom Data for media items.You will have the option of performing a find and replace on all the items on the page or the current search result. If you selected several items by clicking on them (red highlight box appears around thumbnail) you will also have an option to perform a find and replace on the selection you have made.





Next, select a field and begin typing the value(s) you are searching for in the box to the right. Then in the box below, type the value(s) you want to replace with and click the Find button.

Find and Replace is case sensitive, so make sure you are using the correct case when typing in a search value.


The found values will display in the box at the bottom of the window, highlighted in yellow. For each value found, you will have the option to Find Next (skip to the next value), Replace/Find (replace the current value and continue to the next) or Replace All (replace all values found).



When there are multiple found values in a field, the active value will be highlighted yellow and the additional values will be highlighted in blue. Use your cursor to click the value you want to replace.



           Additional Tips:

  • Click on the info icon above the "Found Value" box to view the full data record you're currently on.
  • At the top right of the "Found Value" box you will see the total number of records found.
  • The Find Replace Status button in the lower right corner of the dialog box will take you the status page to view all of your "Replace All" queries. Click Info to see the "Find" and "Replace with" value(s) for a query. Within the Info box, click "Query" to return to the thumbnail view belonging to a "Find and Replace" query.







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