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The Flash Tutorials below will help you understand how to use LUNA's advanced tools. Select the longer, detailed tutorials for a complete description, or, the shorter ones which focus on one topic at a time.

There is no sounds with these videos so don't try and turn up the volume!

Organize and Manage: Media Groups

Full Length Tutorial

Media Groups (8:56 min)

Short Tutorials

Create an Active Media Group (2:41 min)

Add images to your Media Group (3:08 min)

Manage media in your Media Group (2:21 min)

Organize your Media Groups (2:10 min)

Work with Public Media Groups (1:49 min)

Searching and Discovery: Simple, Advanced, Category Searching

Full Length Tutorial

Search and Discovery (7:52 min)

Short Tutorials

Search by Keyword (2:10 min)

Phrase Searching (1:18 min)

Advanced Search (v6.1) (1:25 min)

Advanced Search (v6.2) (4:00 min)

Refining your Search (2:02 min)

Search Flickr in LUNA (53 sec)

Category Browsing (1:09 min)

LUNA Workspace and Viewing Tools

Full Length Tutorial

Viewing Tools (7:54 min)

Short Tutorials

Viewing tools in Detail View (2:34 min)

Adding media to LUNA Workspace (1:56 min)

Viewing tools in LUNA Workspace (2:39 min)

BookReader and Full Text Search

Full Length Tutorial

Web 2.0 tools: Linking and Embedding

Full Length Tutorial

Link and Embed (3:16 min)

Slide Shows and Dynamic Presentations

Full Length Tutorial

Slide shows and Dynamic Presentations (4:56 min)

Create and edit a presentation (5:01 min) 

My Uploads

Full Length Tutorial

My Uploads (4:33 min) 

LUNA Publisher

Full Length Tutorial
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