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Using OAuth with Luna Library

What is OAuth?

OAuth is a simple, open, and secure protocol that enables applications to authenticate users and interact with Luna on their behalf. The end user's information is securely transferred without revealing the identity of the user. At Luna, we use OAuth to verify that an application trying to interact with the Luna Library on your behalf is doing so only with the permissions you have granted it.

To learn more about OAuth 1.0, please visit:

To get started, first obtain a key and shared consumer secret for the application by registering it with the Luna Library:

On this page, you are presented with a list of applications currently registered under the username you are logged in as.

When you click on 'Create', you will be asked the following:
App Name - the name of the application that's going to be interacting with the Luna Library.

Callback URL(optional) - the default URL to redirect an authorized user back to the application when a callback URL is not provided along with the original request.

App Description(optional) - A short description of this application

On the next page, two values will be generated:
Key - a unique identifier of this application registered with the Luna Library

Token secret - a shared secret which the application will use to compute signatures.

Keep in mind that the application will have access to the same set of collections as the user account under which this application is registered.

OAuth authorization flow from Flickr:



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