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Media and formats supported in LUNA

  • JPEG 2000; pdf; png; gif; tiff; tif; bmp; jpeg
  • Native playback for mp4; m4v (H.264 Codex Only); flv (H.263); and mp3
  • Additional file formats supported and will playback in default application (e.g. mov; avi)
  • 16bit source files
  • PDF with OCR layer (Book Reader).
  • Data import formats include UTF-8 encoded .csv, .xml or .mrc (MARC source data)


Media formats not supported in LUNA

  • RAW, CMYK and 1 bit images like faxes

Problems turning PDFs into bookreader objects

Some PDF files will not look right when directly processed into book reader objects. In these cases we recommend that you convert the PDF as a PDF/A-2b and upload it again.

Problems with image upload, possibly related to bitmap files

If you experience issues with images failing to upload or crashing the LUNA system, there is a chance the format is actually a bitmap file, even if the file extension is not BMP. It's not always easy to tell, but usually it's something that looks like a fax with just 2 colors black and white. Different files can be saved as bitmap images. In Photoshop you can looks under the Image/Mode menu and tell.

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