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This feature is beta for version 7.4.3

We have added an additional image viewing method for the Detail View of LUNA.  We have incorporated the IIIF Mirador viewer directly into LUNA. This allows you to make use of smooth zooming and other features of the Mirador viewer.

Enabling Mirador in LUNA

As the Super Admin open the Administrator and choose the Application Configuration tab

Click Add Application Configuration Attribute

Once this attribute has been set, your system administrator must restart LUNA's tomcat.

Turn off Mirador

To turn mirador in the viewer off, change the  Attribute Value to luna

Working with the Mirador Viewer in LUNA

When you open an image, it will look a little different. 


Image Manipulation

Changes are temporary for the current viewing session.

Panning and Zooming

Panning and zooming can be done with the mouse but these tools will let you do the actions with mouse clicks.

In the Beta.

  • Annotations are currently limited to a rectangle selection. If you use any of the other shape selection tools, it will make a rectangle selection.
  • Annotations are Collection level and will be seen by all users

Example of creating an annotation

When you first open an image in the detail view, the Mirador viewer is very simple. We hide a number of features to keep a clean look. 

If you click the Full View Icon  it will open Mirador with a couple of additional options

Full Screen is pretty self explanatory.

Change Layout however allows you to add other IIIF images for comparison. 

Example of a comparison 

Mirador can support bookmarking to keep these layouts. The beta version does not have this turned on.

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