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LUNA 7.5 introduces Collection Sharing. Using the Sharing tool, we’ve created a method that allows LUNA administrators to add public collections from outside sources to their own LUNA instance and to share public collections with others who also have a LUNA instance. Collection Sharing makes use of IIIF activity streams in the form of a URL, which can be copied and pasted into the Sharing tool, resulting in the addition of another collection in the LUNA Viewer for your user base to access. This feature is ideal for institutions looking to grow their digital visual resource offerings quickly and easily.

How to add a collection to your LUNA instance

From a LUNA instance that is not your own, you will need to locate a IIIF activity stream in the Viewer for a collection you want to add to your own instance. Start by selecting a collection and then clicking Share from the menu above (you can do this from the Collections page, Browse All page or Detail View page when in context of a single collection).

Click the arrow next to IIIF Activity Stream to expose the IIIF Activity Stream URL. Copy the URL.

In the Tools menu of your own LUNA instance, select Sharing.

Click the Add and Schedule button to expose a new panel.

Paste the IIIF Activity Stream URL into the box for URL. You will automatically see the collection name and the Institution it comes from populated in the boxes below if the collection is coming from a LUNA instance. If it’s not, you can fill these in.

Schedule the task to periodically update on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis at a specific time. This action determines how often the collection gets updated on your system as content gets added, edited and deleted from the source.

Finish by clicking the Schedule button and close the panel.

To make the newly added collection available, click the Run Now button.

This will open a new panel asking you to confirm that you want to run the task. Click the Confirm button. Note: This process may take some time depending on how large a collection is.

When the status reads “active”, the collection will be ready to add to the list of collections in the LUNA Viewer, by assigning the access permission for the collection to one or more credentials. Proceed to Credentials and Access Permissions in the Administrator for help.

Understanding the Shared Collections Task List

ID: and internal ID assigned by LUNA system when a IIIF activity stream is added.

Collection Name: Name of collection added

Institution- Name of source institution collection comes from

Status: Shows whether the added external collection is active or still in progress of being indexed.

Action Buttons

Edit: Used to change the frequency of the recurring update schedule for external collections you’ve added

Details: Log entries that provide information about updates to external collections

Run Now: Used to run the scheduled task when first  adding and external collection  or updating it. 

Status: Shows whether the added external collection is active or still in progress of being indexed.

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