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When you see the Share icon you can click on it to copy the displayed URL. This URL can be pasted into an email, text document or instant message so you can share your work with others. This is not the same as copying the URL from the browser. The Share URL will ensure that the exact placement, zooming, and general look of your current view are preserved.


Share a search result in LUNAversal by copying the URL in the address bar of your browser.


Share individual items in LUNAversal:

  1. Share a link to an individual item on mobile or desktop.
  2. Share a link to a zoomed-in portion of an item on desktop. The IIIF URL will maintain the zoom location what a link is created.


Share content from the LUNA Viewer:





Create a Share link from the LUNA Viewer. When sharing it with other users, the link will open in the LUNAversal Viewer on mobile devices or it will launch to the LUNA Viewer on desktop.

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