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LUNA 7.4.3 is a release that includes the following new features as well as some minor bug fixes.

  • Implemented Item Level Restrictions to restrict media items & its accompanying record data or media items only from being viewed in both the Library and Viewers. Access to the restricted items can then be granted at the user level and credential level. Read documentation...

  • Enhanced Google Analytics for better usage reporting in the LUNA Viewer using Google Tag Manager. We are gathering information from the LUNA Viewer that includes reporting on user actions such as keyword searches, advanced searches, facet searches, page views, media item exports and media group access. Part of the information we are gathering is also used in the two dashboard views that are available: LUNA Search Stats and LUNA User Action Stats. Read more about Google Analytics enhancements.

   Note: Before you install LUNA v7.4.3 you will need a Google Tag Manager Container ID so that you can make use of the enhanced Analytics feature. Follow these instructions.

  • Beta version. Enhanced the LUNA Viewer Detail View with the Mirador's IIIF viewer to expose LUNA collection level annotations to IIIF and makes use of Open Sea Dragon for smooth zooming.

    This enhancement also allows users to change the layout using the embedded Mirador Viewer in order to view multiple LUNA media items and/or IIIF enabled media items in a single view. Note: for this beta version, bookmarking for Mirador is not yet enabled, therefore any layouts created will be lost once the page is closed. Read documentation...

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