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Posted: June 22, 2022

LUNA 7.5.3 introduces customizable Facets for single collections and a major update to the Embed feature in the LUNA Viewer.

New Features in LUNA 7.5.3

  • Enhanced LUNA's Facet feature to include custom single field facets for the LUNA Viewer. Enhancements include:

    Extended the number of facets that can be created

    Display name can be customized in the Collection Manager on a per collection basis.

    Admins can set a single primary facet for hierarchical like filtering.

    Supports search within the facet panel of the LUNA Viewer.

  • Updated the Embed feature in the LUNA Viewer, with a variety of customizable options to provide a complete integration in an external page without ever jumping back to LUNA. LUNA Embed makes it easy enough for anyone to use, without the need to know HTML. Visit our website to experience a live example of Embed.

    Embed supports:
    Single image static
    Single image zoomable

  • Support for adding and viewing a video transcript in the Viewer's Detail View.
  • Made user navigation improvements to Collection Categories in the LUNA Viewer.
  • Made language changes in the Library under the More option for copying and moving media to a different collection.
  • Created a visible prompt in the Library for a record that is not saving when data for a require field has not been entered.
  • Made change to language in the Uploader settings for storing source files.

Bug Fixes in LUNA 7.5.3

  • Fixed a bug causing searches to return more than one value when using quoted searches in the Viewer.
  • Fixed a bug in the Viewer whereby Related Item counts in the Detail View didn't display if the value had spaces within it.
  • Fixed an issue in the Viewer to allow users to make private annotations on non-LUNA IIIF images.
  • Fixed a bug in the LUNA Library causing the user list not to display when setting restrictions.
  • Updated LUNA's Java-based logging package to Log4j2 due to a very serious vulnerability that was publicly reported.

    The previous version of LUNA used Log4j version 1 which did not contain the serious vulnerability, but prompted us to update to a fully secure version of log4j version 2.

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