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Posted: August 26, 2021

LUNA 7.5.2 introduces IIIF content at your fingertips! This game changing release supports our user community by expanding on IIIF technology and the LUNA Shared Collections feature. LUNA administrators can now add any IIIF enabled non-LUNA content to their own LUNA instance. We're talking about being able to add images from The Yale University Map collection, The Smithsonian Freer Gallery and many more notable sources that have implemented IIIF.  Along with several other feature updates, the release also includes a variety of bug fixes.

New Features in LUNA 7.5.2

IIIF Features

  • Introducing an innovative new feature that allows for adding IIIF enabed non-LUNA content into LUNA. Any IIIF enabled collection or group of images can be added to your instance of LUNA. Choose from our curated list of non-LUNA content or create your own by following the instructions in our documentation.

  • Related to adding IIIF enabled non-LUNA content, we created a utility/script that will take a list of iiif manifests and convert them to a iiif collection. This utility and feature allows the LUNA admin to curate their own groups of content for representation in the LUNA Viewer.

  • Implemented a dashboard for the Sharing Tools which includes links to:

    - The Task Scheduler page to add/edit shared LUNA collections
    - A new page where you can add non LUNA content in the form of json files
    - A list of LUNA and non LUNA collections for admins to easily choose from add to their own LUNA instance


  • Enhance support for annotations in the Viewer's Mirador Detail View, using Open Annotations. Users can search for annotations and they can be displayed as descriptive metadata in the Detail View’s Media Information panel. Private annotations are also supported in this release.

Collection List Panel in Viewer

  • Removed the collection list panel completely for LUNA instances with only one collection.
  • If there are no shared collections in the Viewer, the Institution name at the top will not display.
  • If there are no collections assigned to Categories, the View Categories option in the drop down menu and on collection list panel will not display

Collection Display

  • Changed the default theme to automatically be set to Modern (white) when a new collection is created. Also changed the theme selection language to:

    Modern (white)
    Deep Sea (blue)
    Earth (brown)

Other Viewer Enhancements

  • Replaced Flowplayer with Video JS and added support for closed captioning using vtt files.
  • Updated to the Mirador 3 interface in the LUNA Viewer, beta version.
  • In the Viewer, for Mirador 2 only, implemented the rotate icon to the controls bar in the Mirador Detail View.

Bug Fixes in LUNA 7.5.2

  • Fixed a bug related to IIIF requests with full/full in URL that caused images to get blurry when trying to download.
  • Fixed a bug in the Viewer causing wildcard searches not to work if the search term contained a hyphen or any non-word characters.
  • Fixed a bug in the Viewer that was causing collection manifests not to work for fielded searches.
  • Fixed a bug in the Viewer causing collections assigned to a Category to not display the correct count in Browse All thumbnail view.
  • Fixed a bug in the Viewer related to non-compliance in sharing media groups in IIIF.
  • Fixed a bug in the Viewer that was causing a IIIF manifest to display only 250 items from Media Groups with over 250 items in them.
  • Fixed a bug with Shared collections whereby the sort order for media items in the Viewer was not displaying because the custom sort selection was getting excluded.
  • Fixed a bug with Sharing related to re-using old collection IDs when adding shared collections, causing images to re-appear in different locations.
  • Fixed a bug causing Google Cloud Storage requests used to download source and associated files from Google Storage to fail.
  • Enabled CorsFilter for Tomcat.
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