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Posted: November 19, 2020

LUNA 7.5 is a major release that supports our user community to selectively grow the content available to their user base in LUNA by introducing Collection Sharing.  LUNA administrators can now add public collections from outside sources to their own LUNA instance and to share public collections with others who also have a LUNA instance. The release also includes a variety of minor features and bug fixes.

New Features in LUNA 7.5

  • Introduced Collection Sharing to the LUNA toolset. Phase I enables public collections with a IIIF Activity stream to be added to any LUNA instance. Allows LUNA administrators to choose relevant content that's publicly available and add it to their own LUNA instance. Public collections will become available on the website as clients upgrade to v7.5.  Read more about Sharing here.
    • *Note: If you would like to share your collections, it’s required to be on HTTPS.
  • Implemented a new feature that allows LUNA administrators to categorize collections in the LUNA Viewer. Read more about Collection Categories.
  • Implemented a checkbox in the Collection Manager for public collections to not be shared. By default, all public collections are set for sharing.
  • Flipped the media summary box in Viewer to always display on the left.
  • Increased limit to 4,000 characters for the Viewer's collection description in the Collection Manager
  • Implemented an option to allow removal of the domain name when creating an iframe in the Viewer's Detail View, so that the browser only uses the proxy's domain in the iframe and does not cause a blank image panel.
  • Made updates to the LUNA Viewer language.
  • Added a feature to place Media Summary fields as Meta-descriptions at the top of the Detail View page in the Viewer.
  • Implemented a way to protect LUNA Viewer's login page from Clickjacking.
  • Updated the version of Tomcat that LUNA uses.
  • Accessibility improvements in the LUNA Viewer and the LUNAversal Viewer.
  • Improvements addressing security vulnerabilities

Bug Fixes in LUNA 7.5

  • Fixed a bug in the Viewer causing errors with some Share links when they include a facet search.
  • Fixed a bug in LUNAversal Viewer to display correct image count for items in a media group.
  • Fixed a bug in the Uploader that made books fail to load if the BookIdentifier in the file had a trailing space.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in an error page in the Viewer's Detail View for private collections using Shibboleth.
  • Fixed a bug in the Library whereby the CSV export did not check for duplicate column names when building a query, resulting in incomplete data exports.
  • Fixed a bug to correct the logic in the Administrator to block duplicate username creation on registration.
  • Fixed a bug ( LUNAversal Viewer where the Detail View would not load an image.
  • Fixed a bug ( LUNA Library Login page where Chrome browser would report an SSL error.
  • Updated tomcat from 8.5.53 to 8.5.61 (
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