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Posted: June 13, 2018

LUNA 7.4 is a major release that introduces the LUNAversal Viewer, an alternative to the existing LUNA Viewer and a new addition to the LUNA Toolset. Based on an enhanced version of the LUNA Viewer API, the LUNAversal Viewer is made to work on mobile platforms and strives to meet accessibility requirements for a broad range of users. The release also includes a variety of minor features and bug fixes.

For site administrators upgrading to LUNA 7.4 we recommend reviewing the LUNAversal Viewer Configuration section of the Installing or Upgrading LUNA documentation.

New Features in LUNA 7.4


NEW Features in LUNA v7.4:

  • New! LUNAversal Viewer:

    • Responsive - UI built for expanded delivery to audiences on mobile platforms

    • Aims to meet WCAG 2.0 Level A web accessibility standards and includes standard keyboard navigation

    • Utilizes IIIF technology for image delivery

    • Open code provides an opportunity to further customize the LUNAversal Viewer

    • Customizable font and background color
    • Supports Google Analytics
    • Search and Display Features included:

      • Collection selection

      • Media Group viewing

      • Facets

      • Related Media

      • Keyword Search

      • Thumbnail size selection

      • Image zooming, thumbnail navigation and rotation

      • Data Display

      • Browse media results by paging ( desktop), swiping (mobile)

      • Share and Embed (includes URL to IIIF mainfest)

  • LUNA Viewer:

    • Added the ability to export data with an image in the Viewer.            

    • Added a theme switching option for users in the LUNA Viewer.    

    • Added the ability for LUNA to pass a search value to in-book searching when doing an advanced search using the full text search field.


Bug Fixes in LUNA 7.4 


  • Fixed a bug in the Library whereby media items could not be deleted after opening a label and trying to delete them.    

  • Fixed a bug so that new lines and multi-spaces do not get stripped out of the data in the Library's Record Editor.    

  • Fixed a bug in the LUNA Library whereby labels were not showing up in the Remove Label list for orphan records assigned to a label.   

  • Fixed up bug to make the LUNA Viewer tools menu work on Windows touch screens. 
  •  Fixed a bug whereby previous versions of LUNA 7 were not properly deleting Book files off the server when deleting a Book. If you have done book deletions in LUNA and need to recover server space, please contact our Support department. 




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