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The Stand Alone Uploader can be used to offload media processing onto a client machine. This will reduce the load on the LUNA server for large image/book processing jobs.

Authenticator Requirements

If you use SSL for login on your site, you will need to establish an SSL cert on your local machine.

The Stand Alone Uploader is not compatible with Shibboleth authentication.



Download the same LUNA server suite version of the installer that you are using for your LUNA site.

Launch the Installer.

If you are on a Mac you might get an error message.

Just hold down the control key and click open.

Next, on a Mac, you will be prompted to authenticate. The application needs to install as an Administrator so you might need to work with your IT department.

Once you accept the license terms, you will be prompted for your LUNA7 serial number.

This must be the same serial number that was used for your server installation.

Choose "Configure LUNA Application ..."

Choose LUNA Uploader.

Choose your Install Location.

Next you will be prompted for Administrator username and password. This is not critical and you can enter anything. Leave the SYSTEM account as is.

In the Tomcat setup, most of the defaults will be just fine. The only critical one is the Maximum memory. If you are processing large image files, make sure this is 3-4 times the largest expected file size. Your computer needs to be 64 bit to go over 1500 megabytes. All modern Macs are 64 bit.

Tools Home, leave the defaults.

On the Mac, you will get prompted to install as a service. This currently has no effect.


The LUNA Component Addresses are very important.

Make sure these are the exact addresses that you access your LUNA site with. If not, your content will not load onto the server.


If your site does not have port numbers exposed

The SOLR Base URL can be what it defaulted to.

The next window

The next two locations can probably be left as default but you must have read/write access.

They need to be large enough to contain the contents of any source content. If you are processing a source book with 50GB of source files you need that size plus about 30%.


Running the Uploader

On a Mac you will get a new folder on your desktop.


In the folder, you will see:

By double clicking on "Console_start.command" you will get a terminal window.

This will show that the Uploader is running and can be useful if you want to watch the progress of the processing of your content.


Once the server is started, you can launch LUNAUploader.webloc

This is where you login to the Uploader. Now the rest is like the normal LUNA Uploader except your URL will be like this http://localhost:8181/uploader/login.htm

Once logged in, do a test upload before doing a large group of content.


The other two commands "Start.command" and "Stop.command". start and stop the LUNA service in the background so you will not have a console window.








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