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On some older collections after migration the images will not export from the LUNA Library and/or can not be added to other collections. This happens because there is missing data in the LUNA database that is required for these features to function properly.


Download and install LUNA 7 version

After you install this version, you will need to edit a file to make it perform this special task when you rebuild your LUNA Library Index.

<LUNA install directory>/LunaImaging/7.x/LUNA/tomcat/luna_apps/editor.war/WEB-INF/applicationContext.xml

look for this section, it's around line 114

   <!-- If enabled, this will run after rebuilding of Library Index -->

   <bean id="batchElementsRebuilder" class="com.lunaimaging.orion.editor.domain.service.MediaBatchElementsRebuilder"


        <property name="enabled" value="false"/>



<property name="enabled" value="false"/>


<property name="enabled" value="true"/>

Restart LUNA 7's tomcat.

When LUNA is up and running, go to the Collection Manger, select the problem collection then choose Rebuild Library Index.

During the Library Index rebuild process, you will not see any content in the Library for the collection selected until the process is complete. If it's a larger (50K+) collection it can take a significant amount of time (hours). The LUNA Viewer will not be affected during this process and will remain accessible.

Once you have rebuilt all affected collections, you need to change the property back to false and restart LUNA's tomcat.

<property name="enabled" value="false"/>

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