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There are hundreds of collections available to add to your own LUNA instance. To make the process easier, we have pulled together a list of all available shared collections that you can browse through, to curate the perfect set for your user base. The list is updated continually as LUNA clients with public shared collections upgrade to v7.5+ and as our team of experts find new sources of non-LUNA IIIF collections.

In the Sharing Tool, go to the Available Shared Collections tab to search for or browse through all of the available public Luna collections and selected non-LUNA IIIF collections.

Scroll down to see all collections currently available or use the Search box to type in what you're looking for (this can include words found in the collection name or description, institution name or a category. Check the optional boxes if you want the results to only show LUNA collections or Https collection. The Featured option will result in collections that have broad appeal.

Click on any of the results to expose information about the collections, including the Share URL which you will need to add a collection to your LUNA instance.

At the bottom of the page, you can see that there are three ways in which you can browse or search for available collections: Collections, Categories or Institutions. Click on the bar to expose the page.

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