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Image analysis in LUNA makes use of Google's Cloud Vision API.  Source & Associated Files can make use of Google's storage API. To allow this to work you need to have a Google account, create a project and enable billing, activate the API in google's cloud services and then generate a JSON key (.json file) that will be used to authorize LUNA to work directly with the Vision API and or the Storage API. Once you have this file loaded on your LUNA server, you will need to run the LUNA Installer.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Once you have a Google account follow these instructions to generate your JSON key for Vision API. (This will require a service account.) 
  2. When you have the JSON file, place it on the server where LUNA is installed and record the full path to the file.
  3. Run the LUNA Installer and choose Upgrade/Reconfigure. (Make sure you stop your LUNA tomcat service during the install)
    1. When you get to the LUNA Configuration screen, Enter the path to the .json file at the where indicated.
  4. That's it, you will now be able to use the Vision API when adding images in the LUNA Uploader.

Make sure you have enabled the Google Cloud Vision API. Also Google Storage JSON API and Google Cloud Storage API. If you are going to store Source and Associated files.