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The IIIF community is rich with ideas and development energy. In this document we will give you some examples of what you can do with images from LUNA and other IIIF sources.

Two significant viewing tools stand out at the moment. Mirador and the Universal Viewer. 


"Open-source, web based, multi-window image viewing platform with the ability to zoom, display, compare and annotate images from around the world." 

This tool is great for comparison and little tweaks that you can bookmark for later review.

IMPORTANT! Only works with Single IIIF Manifests URL's. These are the ones you get in LUNA's Detail View under Share menu. Just copy the IIIF URL and load it in Mirador.

These images are from two separate LUNA installations

On the left is from The Folger Shakespeare Library

The right is from  The David Rumsey Map Collection  

As you can see with Mirador you can compare and share content from multiple LUNA sites as well as other IIIF sources.

If you click on the image it will open the above view except the left image is upside down.

If you click on the slider icon in the upper left of the image you will get access to a number of tools to manipulate the images.

 If you toggle the grid at the top you can add slots to the page.

Another example where you can adjust the image contrast, invert the density and remove the color.

Universal Viewer

This viewer is very flexible and will load content from individual images and books as well as LUNA search results and Media Groups. This means it has better support for handling IIIF Presentation API content. 

When you first load a group/search result in the Universal Viewer, you will probably wonder where all the other images in the group/search result are.

Under Contents, choose Index. Here you will see a list of titles for each item.


Once you select a title, you can see the image as well zoom and rotate the image. The full Data is also available.


You can also load LUNA books in the Universal Viewer.


See this link to see the many customizations that can be made to the Universal Viewer



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