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Our tutorial videos will help guide you through key features of LUNA. If you still need help, just reach out to us.

More videos to come so check back often!

Viewing Collections with the LUNA Viewer

The LUNA Viewer gives new life to your content! Let your audience zoom, share, explore and discover your content with easy to use tools and simple navigation.



Explore the key features of the LUNA Viewer.

Beyond the Keyword


No doubt searching by keyword is useful, but with LUNA you can also browse by facets, do an advanced search and more. With LUNA you can easily find exactly what you're looking for, and then discover more.

Managing Content & Building Collections

The LUNA Collection Manager, LUNA Library, and LUNA Library Uploader work in harmony to help you easily manage your content and build beautiful collection.

Collection Building for Beginners

In just a few quick steps we show you how you can build a collection in LUNA with nothing but some images and their respective filenames.

Collection Building for Dabblers

Now that you've gotten your feet wet, we go into a little more details on how to build a collection.

Collection Building for Pros

For those of you with media items and a spreadsheet of data, this is the video for you.

Adding Data to a Collection

Learn about the three different ways you can easily add data to your collections: 1. Create records by uploading a .csv spreadsheet or directly add data to records; 2. Create custom data fields; 3. Use embedded metadata.

Searching the LUNA Library

When your content is in the LUNA Library you can organize it into collections, edit data, zoom in on image details and more. But first you need to find the right content to organize! With this tutorial we'll show you how to perform keyword and advanced searches, save searches and more.

Building a Data Template

Every collection relies on a data schema to give it structure. To make collection building easy, you can create templates to base your data schema on. In this tutorial we walk you through the simple process of creating a data template from scratch.

Linking Records & Media Items

Collections consist of records and media items. A record can have one or several media items linked to it. Without records it's harder for your audience to search for a specific item, records also help provide valuable data on an item. Link away!

Customizing a Collection

Each collection in LUNA can be customized to best represent its content. In this tutorial we'll show you how you can brand each collection with a custom graphic, choose how data displays and more.



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