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The Rebuild Book Indexes button should only be applied if you have books in your collection(s) that are text searchable and you are upgrading to LUNA v7.4. This will update your existing books to be phrase searchable.

To Rebuild Book Indexes for a single collection using the Collection Manager, open the Collections tab and select the collection you want to rebuild. Click the Rebuild Book Indexes at the top of the page.

Next, you will be presented with a dialog box. To continue with the process of rebuilding the Book index click the Refresh button.

The following message will be displayed as the Viewer index is being rebuilt. Click the Close button to exit the dialog box.

Rebuild Book Indexes for ALL collections. (Server Administrators Only)

Rebuilding ALL Books needs to be done only once after upgrading to v7.4 and a server administrator is required to do this work. We recommend this method only if you have many collections with books.

Follow the instructions below:

In ~/LunaImaging/7.x/LUNA/tomcat/luna_apps/editor.war/WEB-INF/application-context.xml

To enable the Rebuild Book Indexes button to rebuild all books across collections, in application-context.xml, set "rebuildAll" to "true"

After the rebuild is complete, make sure to set "bookTextRebuilder"/"rebuildAll" to "false"


To hide the Rebuild Book Indexes button : in dispatch-servet.xml, set "bookTextRebuildEnabled" to "false", the button will no longer appear in Collection Manager


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