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Implementing full site SSL requires a number of steps to make your LUNA instance fully secure. This documentation assumes that you have already installed your SSL certificate and it is working for your domain.

Step-by-step guide


  1. Change the media URL to come from https

    When changing to https, the Base URL of where your media is running from needs to be changed in the table called LL_MEDIASERVERROOTURLS. Only the column URL will need to be updated using a find and replace query.

    update LL_MEDIASERVERROOTURLS set URL= replace(URL,'','');
    You may need to do this for more than one address. Sometimes Media comes directly from the tomcat port like You need to change this and make sure there is no longer any port number in the URL.
  2. Restart LUNA's tomcat instance.

  3. In the Collection Manager you will need to do two things for each collection.
    1. Change the header graphic URL to come from https with no port number. (Make sure you test the URL)
    2. Rebuild the LUNA Viewer Index. This will take some time for each collection. You should only do one or two collections at a time and wait for the collection to rebuild before moving to the next collection.

  4. If you have a custom footer at the bottom of the page make sure it can be served from an https address and keep this address for the next step.

  5. Run the latest LUNA Installer to make the change to https. Follow the documentation for the install especially the section for SSL for sitewide https. You will need access to your ssl cert on the server for this process. 

    Make sure you use your https footer URL

  6. Once you have your server upgraded, you should have a full SSL version of LUNA. If you have any concerns contact Luna Support.