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Posted June 6, 2016

LUNA is a minor release that includes the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in the Uploader whereby a custom thumbnail was not getting created for a PDF if the extension was upper case.
  •  Fixed a bug causing the thumbnail image for a PDF to appear as a separate image when uploading the file using the "+" icon in the Uploader.
  • Fixed a bug in the Uploader causing data uploads to fail when field names contained diacritics.
  • Fixed an issue whereby PDF/ misc content that was migrated from LUNA 6 would not show the move and copy options under the More menu.
  • Fixed a bug in the Viewer where PDFs with upper case extensions were not opening in the Detail View.  
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Detail View was not loading images until the window was resized in IE.
  • IIIF - Removed a invalid local manifest url
  • IIIF - Fixed the jp2k url for scaling ratio higher than 8
  • IIIF - Fixed the jp2k url for remote media servers and the scaling issue
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