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New in LUNA 7.3.1

LUNA Viewer API can now provide IIIF Manifest for each item returned and IIIF collection URL for each search result.

Adding this functionality allows for simpler IIIF interface development using LUNA resources.


Parameter includeIiifManifest

When you add includeIiifManifest=true to your request URL, it will return iiif Manifest for each item returned


Parameter includeIiifCollection

When you include includeIiifCollection=true it will return a iiif collection response called iiifCollection. This contains the results of a search in IIIF collection structure.

Do not include the "random=true" as a parameter or you will not get the IIIF collection response
There is a hierarchical  structure difference in the two JSON responses

Both includeIiifCollection and includeIiifManifest

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