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LUNA 7.4.2 is a release that includes enhancements and bug fixes:


  • Updated the BookReader in the LUNA Viewer which includes new styling, improved in-book search result page markers and support for phrase searching. We've also added a button in the Collection Manager to Rebuild Book Indexes for book objects that have been uploaded to LUNA prior to this 7.4.2 release.
  • Improved PDF processing in Collection Manager so that it's no longer required to have a specialized PDF file to create a Book object.
  • Refinements made to page numbering for BookReader objects in the LUNA Viewer and LUNAversal Viewer.
  • Enhanced Sharing in the LUNA Viewer to support posting content to Twitter and FaceBook.

  • Added the Relay Button to the LUNAversal Viewer.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug causing non-image files opened in LUNAversal to fail when data record is too long.
  • Support alternate apostrophe character for searching in the LUNA Viewer.
  • Optimized the Value List in the Library to improve speed, list accuracy and server load (requires rebuild of LUNA Library Index to see improvements).
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