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LUNA v7.2 is a major release which includes a new white theme and restyling of the LUNA Viewer. This version also introduces IIIF Beta (International Image Interoperability Framework) accessible via the LUNA Viewer.

Posted May 23, 2016

New Features in LUNA 7.2


  • Implemented Flowplayer HTML5 and removed the Flash requirement for My Uploads in the LUNA Viewer. 
  • LUNA now uses Tomcat 7 and Java 1.8
  • Alphabetized field lists throughout the LUNA application.


  • Newly redesigned Viewer, including a new white theme that showcases your content in a clean, minimalist interface. The new design introduces larger images and fonts, bolder elements, and more legible data fields. Read More.

  • IIIF Beta- enhanced the LUNA Media Manager to support these standardized image requests. The IIIF manifests are accessible via "Share This" in the LUNA Viewer on a per page basis for search results on the thumbnail page.
  • Ability to add a page of search result of media items to your Active Media Group.


  • Enhanced the Library so that you can Move or Copy media items from collection to collection.
  • Improved styling for Export and Find and Replace windows.

Collection Manager

  • Back up schema gets created each time the Data Schema editor is opened so that it's recoverable.

Flowplayer is used to playback audio and video content. A free license can be obtained to hide the Flowplayer branding. If you don't already have you license, contact LUNA support and send them the domain name of your LUNA server.

Bug Fixes in LUNA 7.2

  • Fixed a bug whereby the Custom Media Fields weren't displaying in the Viewer's Detail View when the field name contained a space.
  • Removed the Copy Authority button in the Library's Authority Editor.
  • Fixed a bug in the Library's Custom Thumbnail tab search that caused images to link to records instead of adding them as custom thumbnails.
  • Repeating fields are cleared after each "Save" in Group Edit. Now, if a user clicks "Save" twice, the field values that are in field groups are not repeated in the record.

  • Theme selection added to Extended Collection Properties for All Collections context in the Administrator.
  • In the Administrator, Admins can now create accounts and an initial password.
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