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You will need a Google Analytics ID and for more detailed usage data gathering a Google Tag Manager container ID.

We will focus on setting up Google Tag Manager since it's a bit more complicated 

Getting your Google Tag Manager Container ID

Go to the following link and login with your Google account that you use for Analytics.

Once logged in, you will need to create a new account if this is your first time.

The three things you will need are:

  • Account Name (most likely the name of your Organization and department)
  • Container name (this is the sub domain that you will be gathering information from)
  • Then choose Web for Target platform

Once you create this, you will have a Container ID.  In the example below, GTM-5Z2577N is the ID

You need to supply this Container ID to your LUNA system administrator so they can upgrade LUNA to include this Container ID and your Analytics ID 

After LUNA has been upgraded with your Google Tag Manager Container ID

Next you will need to download your pre-configured tag manager container from your LUNA instance, as described here:

Form a URL to your LUNA instance and add:   /graphics/LUNA_TagManager.json    like the example below:

This will show you a text file in your browser. You will need to go to the File menu and choose Save Page As. 

You will now have the file LUNA_TagManager.json

To load this file, open Admin in Tag Manager and choose Import Container.

Select LUNA_TagManager.json for the file to import

Choose Existing for the workspace and Overwrite

Click the Confirm button

Then click Submit

Then click Publish

And then Continue or Skip

That's it. You should now be gathering data for Analytics.

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