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Restrict export of specific media to anonymous users

To restrict export of some media to anonymous users you will need to modify one jsp file and add a new text file.

  • Make a new text file and call it lunaExportRestrictedFiles.txtOpen it up and add media links you'd like to restrict export on. 


  • Open the file in you favorite text editor.

         Got to line 44 and paste in.

<!-- restrict export change -->
      <c:import var="restrictedFiles" url="file:///home/YourUser/LunaImaging/lunaExportRestrictedFiles.txt" />
      <!-- end change -->

  • Next got to line 53 and paste in. 
<!-- restrict export change -->
        <c:if test="${!fn:contains(restrictedFiles , )}">
        <!-- end change -->
        <c:if test="${not empty buyLinkBaseUrl && not empty buyLinkQueryString }">
           <c:when test="${media.maxWidth / media.maxHeight < .38 || media.maxHeight / media.maxWidth < .38}" >
                <c:set var="buyBaseUrl_" value="${fn:replace(buyLinkBaseUrl,'002-default.html','002-defaultnss.html')}" />
                <c:set var="buyBaseUrl_" value="${buyLinkBaseUrl}" />
          <a id="BuyButton" target=_blank onClick="recordEvent(<c:out value="${analyticsEnabled}"/>,'Buy Button','<c:out value="${buyBaseUrl_}${buyLinkQueryString}" />');" 
                href="<c:out value="${buyBaseUrl_}${buyLinkQueryString}" />"><fmt:message key="" /></a>

  • Now to finish it off go to line 86 and paste this in.
 <!-- restrict export change -->
        <!-- end change -->

  • Once complete, save out your jsp file and stop your LUNA 7 tomcat sever and delete the Tomcat localhost folder located at ~/LunaImaging/7.x/LUNA/tomcat/work/Catalina. Then restart Tomcat sever.
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