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The LUNA Publisher is the middleware between various backends and the LUNA Viewer.

It is used to:

  • Process and transform content from legacy Insight collections.
  • Acts as a middleman between the LUNA Library and the LUNA Viewer

The LUNA Publisher interface is useful only to legacy Insight collections. If you have some legacy Insight v6 collections and would like to publish your collections to the new v7 LUNA Viewer use Insight Studio like normal. If you want to review the LUNA Publisher tasks, you can access them from here.


Publishing a Legacy Insight Collection

Start Insight Studio, select the collection you want to publish to LUNA and from the Main Task Menu select the LUNA Publisher.

Next, select "Launch LUNA Publisher".
This will launch a web browser and connect to the LUNA Publisher.

Once in the LUNA Publisher, you can make your selections in the following areas:

  • Enter a Task Description (optional).
  • Choose the Theme for your collection.
    • Only "default" and "blue" are available. These themes will change the color scheme of the entire application.


  • Choose the LUNA Header Graphic URL for your collection. If you have not selected one, the default graphic will be used.



    • If you are planning on sharing your collection with the LUNA Commons, this will point back to your instance of LUNA in all web crawlers. So any institution sharing your content publicly using the LUNA Commons will be advertising your site and content. This will increase your page rank in search engines like Google.


  • Choose the Insight User Group that will be used to access the data from your Insight Collections.


  • Select the Title Field from the drop down list. This Title will be used to identify individual media items on several pages within the LUNA application, such as the Detail view and as a label in a slideshow.


  • Select up to 4 Summary Fields to display. The Summary Fields will display as the user moves their mouse over the thumbnail images.


  • Drag and Drop up to 20 fields into the Who, What, Where and When categories.
  • Choose a recurring schedule for the LUNA Publisher to perform updates of the LUNA search index.


  • You have 4 options When completing this task
    • Save Task (will only save the task)
    • Save and Run Task (will save and run the task now)
    • Save and Schedule Task (will save then execute the task on a schedule)
    • Save, Schedule and Run Task

Once you schedule this task, the LUNA Publisher will do the following:

  • Archive the data from Insight.
  • Produce an Index for the Collection.
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