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Super Admin

As it's title suggests, the "Super Admin" role is mostly reserved for those who need total access to the system. Only a select few should be made super admins.

A super admin is the only one who can access the Application Configuration tab, Soft Reset tab, make other super admins, and edit passwords. The super admin and admin roles are assigned to a user in addition to a credential.

A super admin will also be able to see all collections in the LUNA Library without having to add those collections to their credential. This allows the super admin to login to the LUNA Library or Collection Manager and immediately get a sense of how many collections have been built and by whom. While the super admin can see all collections in the LUNA Library and Collection Manager, in order to see them in the LUNA Viewer the collections need to be added to their credential.

You can choose to make any user a Super Admin in the Users tab of the LUNA Administrator.

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